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Bev Hopoi

  • Village Cohousing Works

Board Secretary: 2022 to present

Logistics Committee: 2022 to present

Site Committee: 2023 to present

  • Washington Education Association, Retired

State Board of Directors—2022 to present

Spokane Council Director—2022 to present

  • Teacher: Spokane Public Schools, 1986–2010

English as a Second Language (elementary level)—1988–1994

Elementary-Francis Scott, Holmes, Madison 1994–2006

Teacher trainer in Science for Elementary Teachers 2006–2010

  • Spokane Education Association Member, 1986–2010

Building Representative, 1991–2010

  • Spokane Alliance 1995–2002

Graduate of Leadership Training Program 1995

Trainer: Leadership Training Program 1996–2002

Core Team—Developed and led programs and events 1997–2002

  • Girl Scout Leader

Troop Leader, 1984–1991

Summer Day Camp Director, 1990

  • Peace Corps

Tonga Islands, South Pacific 1971–1973

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer group organizer Spo., 1975–79

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