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How it Works


VCW buys a home.

With help from donors like you, Village Cohousing Works is buying brand-new manufactured homes and placing them in Takesa Village in Mead, WA. Takesa Village is a democratically run, resident owned community.


We approve a resident.

Applicants attend homeownership classes, and financial counseling. They learn how to maintain a manufactured home.


Approved applicants purchase their home at cost. Households must have demonstratable need and be able to secure a loan for the house.  


The family moves in. 

Once the house has been built and the residents are approved for a loan, they can move in to their new home. Residents build equity and are insulated from exorbitant rent increases. 


We buy more homes. 

VCW turns home sales into new home purchases. This sustainable model directly addresses housing insecurity in North Spokane. 

Village Works- Takesa program flier 


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