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In 2021, we formed a housing task force to research housing solutions in north Spokane County. ​
Our conclusion? North Spokane needs permanent, affordable housing that builds equity for residents & strengthens neighborhood relationships. 
Village Cohousing Works was formed to address that need. 


Minimalistic Photography of a Roof


Feb 2021 - Feb 2023 New Hope Resource Center in Colbert forms a task force to examine the need for housing related services in north Spokane County. Many of these original volunteers now sit on VCW's  board.

  • The task force met with: Jewels Helping Hands, County Sheriffs, Spokane County Library District, Spokane County Commissioner, Family Promise of Spokane, Spokane Low-Income Housing Consortium and Spokane Continuum of Care, Spokane Resource Center, WorkSource, Spokane Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Skills Center construction program, Washington State Parks, Whitworth University, Spokane Urban Ministries, SquareOne Villages, Transitions’ HomeYard Cottages, Spokane County Planning Department, Community Frameworks, Department of Commerce, Washington State and Spokane City officials, Spokane Low Income Housing Commission, Camp Hope, Takesa Village Cooperative Board, Rural Resources, and more.

  • We attended: Housing Washington Conference, Ending Homelessness Conference, Nonprofit’s Guide to Homelessness, Client Stakeholder Listening Session, Solutions to Homelessness, General Meeting on Homelessness and Affordable Housing, “Community First” Development at Salem Lutheran, Get it Built Weekend by Charles Durrett.

Nov 15, 2022  A new volunteer group is formed with the intention of directly addressing housing insecurity. 40 volunteers agree to meet monthly.

Dec 2022 Sarah Olson is selected as volunteer director.

Jan 8, 2023 Key priority of VCW identified: “Seeking to serve those vulnerable to homelessness in north Spokane County who prioritize living in community.”

Jan 18, 2023 VCW partners with the Smith-Barbieri fund.

Feb 1, 2023 VCW website goes live.

May 25, 2023 VCW signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Takesa Village Homeowners Cooperative in Mead. This agreement allows VCW to buy and install 10 HUD approved homes, and resell them to low-income households. 

August 19, 2023  VCW purchases its first home. 

Dec 11, 2023 First home is installed and prepared for move-in. 


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