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Are You Eligible?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Village Cohousing Works has signed an agreement with Takesa Village, a resident-owned community in Mead. We are looking for eligible applicants to navigate the home buying process with us.

Application Criteria: * income at around 80% AMI (see chart);

* wanting to live at Takesa Village in Mead long term;

* vulnerable to homelessness (ex: currently spending more than 30% income on rent, or previously homeless);

* willing to attend homeownership classes, fill out a Takesa Village application, and go through the process of applying for a manufactured home loan.

*Qualified applicants will be approved for a loan covering the cost of the home, and be approved by Takesa Village's board.

Family Size Maximum Income Allowed

1 Person


2 People


3 People


4 People


5 People


6 People


7 People


If you fall within our criteria, please fill out this form. We will then contact you to set up an initial interview.

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